Setting up your arena or field for riding your tests. Here’s what you need… please watch this video !

You’ll need, the following;

  • Copy of the dressage test or Course Plan (see sample videos for Dressage or Equation)
  • Arena or flat surface either 20×40 or 20×60 (check the test for the correct size)
  • Video camera / Phone and someone to film your test. Held sideways and sound on!
  • WhatsApp on your phone or devise

Things you need to do;                

  • Enter a class – we publish a schedule of classes
  • Set up an arena – see guidelines below
  • Learn the test or arrange to have a caller
  • Have a friend or acquaintance video you ‘Landscape’ while you ride the test. Keep the sound on, you can have the test called but no instructions given.
  • Give your name or your competition number – see your entry details each month.

Acceptable Dress and Tack

  • Dress can be informal but tidy, if a show jacket or hacking jacket is worn, then the horse or pony must wear boots or bandages to clearly
    demonstrate that the test has not already been judged.
  • Riding hats must be worn. BSI Standard hats or other such protective headwear is strongly
    advised and compulsory for those under 18 years of age. Suitable footwear with a heel and gloves must be worn for safety reasons.
  • Gloves must be worn.
  • Bridles should be used as follows: – ordinary snaffle; Nosebands must be worn, a drop, cavesson or flash with a snaffle. Other tack: martingales, side, running or elasticised reins may not be used in any Dressage competition. You may use Martingales in the Equitation Classes.
  • Neck straps or balancing straps (a loop on the front of the saddle) may be used at all levels in the tests. Cruppers are also allowed
  • Boots or bandages are allowed to be worn, but can in the Equitation Classes.
  • Spurs and a whip may also be used.