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Thank you for taking part in our Spring League! League update, guidelines. Ribbons and prizes are awarded to League Riders, that have…. *Attendances at the 3 legs of the league and the final. In the same class. (no points or prizes for each leg) *Has to be the same horse /rider combination.   Our next show is May 29th , entries are open now and videos are needed by the 28th May.  Booking link here
Congratulations to all our Horses and Riders! The standard was super high! Here are the results from our April 18th leg of the league. Your score sheets will be sent to you by Thursday. The entries are now open for our May 8th leg. The dressage tests are on our website page. Entries closing next week, videos needed by the 7th May.

Spring League 2023

Posted by admin on  March 24, 2023
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Shortly after you enter, you will receive an email with a Ticket. This has the link to up load your videos. To Upload your Shows Online video, click the link below. Your Video should be in MP4 version. You should receive a note from Drop Box to say that it has uploaded successfully. Put your own Name, Class and competition number as the file name please. https://www.dropbox.com/request/jYfEhVIeqM0tOsYNdRy0 Book your entry here https://itsplainsailing.com/org/balcultry#event-38446