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How to enter Shows Online

To enter for the Shows, just choose a month and a class that you’d like to do.

  • Choose your class or classes from the flyer
  • Register your details.
  • Fill in the Entry Form and enter before the 10th of the month
  • Pay by Card or Paypal.
  • Videos need to be sent to us by the 26th Month. WhatsApp number 086 052 8313
  • The tests will be judged and the results will be announced, by the start of each month. The results for the shows, will be posted on our Facebook page.

Sponsored by Equipet Ashbourne

1. Registration Form (Just once)

Shows Online
We need your Permission to hold your data and to watch your videos. Please Take a photo of your Signature and upload it here. Your videos will not be shared by us without your express permission.
Keep in touch by getting reminders of tests, how to record and what\'s on! We will use your mobile number that you have given us.

2. Entry Form for Shows Online

Can you please make sure that you have registered for the Shows Online. See the form at the start of this page. N.B. Parents of children 18 years and under must sign a consent form. Thank you
The League is held of 3 months, to be included in the League prizes you have taken part in all 3 shows.
*We encourage riders that have won, our pervious Leagues, to try the next level up.
Summer League '19

Aug ShowsOnline