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Would you like to take part in equestrian competitions? But you don't have the time or transport? Then this is for you. All you need is a horse, a video recorder or phone and a place to ride! You can record Anywhere. Just enter, send your test to us on WhatsApp, Judges view your videos and score them. Results are announced at the end of each month. Its great way to motivate yourself and its fun too!

Shows Online

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League Shows

You now how the option to compete with your horse. With out the hassle of having transport. Its also great to motivate your riding at home too

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Here's how to Enter a Show.

Entries are easy, look at the list of classes available and chose one that suits you and your horse. Read the rules and guidelines, so you are ready to film your tests.

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Rules & Guide Lines

How it works

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May Entries closing have added Champion RC tests to the list.

It’s open to everyone in Ireland.

Entries closing this weekend but videos not needed until the 26th May.

e10 to ride a test and have …

Testimonials for Shows Onine

  • Great way for novice competitors like myself to see how a dressage test is judged & get some invaluable feedback without the stress of travel. It gave me the confidence to get out & enter my first show. Michelle

  • Great opportunity to compete at all levels if you can't travel to shows. The judge's feedback is spot on and also very encouraging, and the prizes are terrific! I am really enjoying entering these competitions and it has given me great focus on continuing to improve. Bambi

  • I think shows online is an amazing idea, it enables horsey lovers who are not in a position to go to horseshows for whatever reason, achieve their goals, very well organised, a service that we should truly embrace, thank you Catriona. Louise

  • Brilliant idea for busy riders who may not have the time or transport to get to shows. Opportunity to take part in Shows at a time/venue to suit you. Great feedback from judges, looking forward to Autumn shows. Louise